Coming off of the lemon water diet.

How should you begin to re-introduce solid food into the diet once you have begun and completed the seven to ten day process of the lemon water diet? It is important to realize that food should be introduced to the diet gradually. On the first day after the fast is broken it is important to consume only fruits and vegetable juices as the body is unable to handle solid foods and it can lead to digestive problems.

On days two to three after the fast has been broken the dieter can introduce raw fruits and vegetables into the diet as well as the fruit juices that have been consumed on day one after the fast has been completed. At day three of the diet the dieter can consume a salad or canned soup that has vegetables and small portions of lean meat.

It is important to avoid meat until day four to five after the lemon water diet. Meat can be hard to digest through the process of recovery after the lemon water diet and can cause problems within the digestive system.

After completing such a natural diet, meat can contain many toxins and the risk of developing parasites within the body therefore should be avoided through the course of the diet. Lean proteins as an alternative to meat such as fish, nuts and tofu are often recommended to patients that are seeking alternative sources of protein during the time after they have completed the lemon water diet.

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